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6 Content Writing Trends to watch for 2021: An SEO Content Checklist for Startups & SMBs

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Startup businesses are increasingly taking control of their online presence by establishing and improving their online presence using various content marketing trends.

This is no small task, because running a high-traffic website takes the assistance of a solid team of writers and marketers. Some of these roles are currently being done by interns, freelancers, and content contributors.

Here are some important trends and changes in content writing that will be expected in 2021. Also, a few tips for when it comes to putting together effective content marketing campaigns.

1. More streamlined user experience.

In the last five years, content writing trends has moved beyond white papers and research papers, and has expanded to include social media posts, articles and image galleries.

But the content you publish has to be SEO-friendly, and content managers must determine the right keywords and optimize each piece of content to be republished on the most popular websites.

Many entrepreneurs have their own content marketing trends , which keep their readers informed on new developments, news, products and services that they can share and quote.

But not all businesses have such a team.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not pay enough attention to their online marketing. They just rely on what their content experts have provided.

But unless they go on to publish updated, relevant and SEO-friendly content that their readers and audiences can benefit from, they run the risk of not having any business at all.

Marketers at Forbes and CNN have achieved such high levels of traffic and links that they have created entire blogs dedicated to writing just this type of content.

If your company doesn’t have a content marketing expert, you need to hire one as soon as possible, or hire someone who is well-versed in SEO and content marketing.

2. Cloud-based content marketing

Using cloud-based marketing is more convenient than ever, because a number of cloud-based publishing systems can be used to create content at a low cost, rather than having to invest in expensive software and equipment.

A few of the cloud-based publishing systems currently available include Outbrain, StumbleUpon, TypePad, Social Code, and Postmark.

Social media publishing platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make it easier than ever for businesses to build and develop their online presence.

And with cloud-based publishing systems, you can publish unlimited amounts of quality content in a few minutes, rather than spending hours and days on creating content for social media sites.

3. Content marketing communities

Many content marketing agencies create their own content marketing trends and communities. They keep the audience’s interest by publishing a variety of topics, posts and links that encourage subscribers to comment. These are called discussion forums.

The end result is that subscribers generate a good deal of high-quality content, and that content is distributed to their networks and followers.

It’s a win-win-win situation, where subscribers, bloggers and others who provide content to the content marketing community benefit from free content, and you and your company reap the benefits of positive feedback and high engagement.

4. New communication channels

Instant messaging, online discussion forums, live broadcast, Podcast, mobile media, and SMS are just some of the new channels of communication that are quickly emerging.

For example, has revolutionized the way questions and answers are sourced and published on the Internet. It enables users to answer any question they want and share their knowledge with the world, free of charge.

Recently, a friend shared a link to a Quora article he wanted me to read. He simply tapped into my smartphone and said, “See this? You have to read this!” he didn’t have to tell me to. I would have done anything to see the article.

The great thing about these new communication channels is that subscribers and audiences don’t have to have a free account with a social media site or blog to read and share content.

That means you can connect with your audience even when you’re offline, and encourage them to participate in your content marketing community by leaving comments and sharing information.

5. Skill-based and crowdsourced content

 At Brand N Design, we train and teach entrepreneurs how to leverage content marketing trends, and in the process, we help them start their own blogs, websites and online marketing communities.

For this reason, we put the customer first in everything we do. We strive to help our customers build websites, promote their products and services and get a greater number of engaged customers.

Our systems are designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and engage their audiences.

According to extensive research, including a market study of online marketing professionals, helped us understand the primary needs of entrepreneurs, and the types of content that are most important to those entrepreneurs.

For example, there’s a considerable gap in knowledge when it comes to SEO, an important element in the optimization of a website. That’s why we help entrepreneurs set up and schedule blog posts, publish on social media, and identify and build their lead generation activities.

Brand N Design also helps entrepreneurs build their business presence on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

6. Filters, aggregators, and curators

The traditional online publishing process leaves much to be desired when it comes to curating content to make it engaging for readers.

In fact, it can be pretty time-consuming and even difficult for regular readers to determine if the content you’ve published is the result of skill or if it’s simply a blog you’ve decided to use to gain exposure.

With the emergence of social media networks and publishing tools, you can easily upload content you create on your blog or website to make it available for other bloggers, small business owners, and others who are interested in adding to it.

You’ll also find that sharing is much easier because you don’t have to worry about the rejection you would get from traditional media outlets that are focused on professionals. These days, it’s possible to curate content for your community and create user-generated content.

For example, companies like us have become savvy about the growing power of online communities, using the power of social networks to help companies with their marketing activities.

If you are the business owner who wants to leverage the power of content marketing but don’t know where to start you are in the right place.

Brand N Design helps companies with the Content strategy, helping define the right audience and the right platform.