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8 tips on how to create a successful Facebook business page

Today, I am going to discuss some useful tips and explanations for setting up a Facebook business page. A Facebook page offers companies and organizations the opportunity to expand their online visibility. A Facebook page does not stand alone, like a website, but is woven into a large social network. More and more companies see that their Facebook page gets even more visits than their website. That makes the Facebook page an important customer touch-point.

Facebook is the place where people share their interests and stay in touch with friends, family, and organizations. This offers companies and organizations to grab the attention of larger audiences and opens a door for countless new opportunities in the field of service, customer loyalty, marketing, sales, and branding.

The following steps to set up a Facebook page:

1.Choose the right company profile

We will here walk through every step by first creating a page step by step and then going through other sections like choosing a cover photo and putting all the details that are needed to create an informative page.

Recently Facebook has changed its UI, so here we have put down the steps by showcasing images. It is easy for the readers to follow-up on the steps and create their first page.

click on the plus Icon

As shown in the image first login to your Facebook account and click on the Plus icon to start creating the company page.

page selection

Now click on the Page title to start creating the first page.

Note:- You can create multiple page in your Facebook account.


This would be the first look after following you the processes. From here onwards you need to fill all the section as asked on the page.

2.Choose a cover photo that suits the character of your business

A cover photo is a large photo at the top of your timeline, right above your profile photo. Like your profile picture, cover images are visible to everyone. Our experience is that people appreciate it when your business page has a cover that is just as unique and personal as your company, brand, or organization. Choose an image that represents your brand and be creative.

Keep in mind the conditions of Facebook business page. The cover photo must not be fake, deceptive, or misleading and must not infringe the intellectual property of any third party. You can of course also adapt the content of your cover photo to current events. Like changing up on certain holidays or announcing a sale, discounts, or promotion. By regularly changing the cover photo, your Facebook page will stay fresh and up to date.

3.Claim your domain

If you manage a Facebook page, you can choose a unique page address at This way you can easily promote your company, brand, or the presence of your organization on Facebook with a short and clear page address. For example, your page address can be used in your marketing campaigns, on your company website, and business cards.

Even if you do not want to use a Facebook company page immediately, it is advisable to create it in advance and register your company name, as Brand N Design has.

4.Choose a recognizable profile picture

The profile photo is the image on the Facebook business page that appears next to your updates and the left below the cover photo on the business page.

The profile picture will also appear with posted posts and any sponsored stories or ads. Choose a photo or image that fits within its dimensions (180 x 180 pixels) and also looks good when scaled down to thumbnail size (32 x 32 pixels).

Facebook rounds out the profile picture. So make sure that nothing is cut off in the corners of the image.

5.Integrate your Instagram

The reason for linking Facebook to Instagram is that you can automatically post the content on both of the platforms. this helps in Brand engagement, increasing customer reach, and creating sales leads.

Also, by connecting to Instagram you can reach a lot of variety of audiences as Instagram is a more visual content and video platform.

6.Post content

We often see that companies enthusiastically start with Facebook, but due to a lack of a clear vision and objectives, see no results after a few weeks or months and stop. You cannot score without a goal. Therefore, start by developing a clear strategy and objectives. This saves valuable time and energy and prevents disappointment. Do you have no idea where to start, but do you realize that Facebook offers new marketing opportunities? Then we are happy to help you map out the opportunities for your company and develop and implement a result-oriented Facebook strategy.

Also, every post you post should have a clear purpose, for example posting a video to increase brand awareness or a link preview to drive traffic to your website. Via the tab “studio for makers” at the top of your Facebook page, you can post and schedule content.

7.Invite people to your page to LIKE

The next step is to invite friends, acquaintances, and customers to like your business page. You can do this by clicking the Invite Friends button (see the block ‘Community’ on the right). You can also distribute the URL of your business page via Twitter, LinkedIn, email, etc. Think of the business page as a dynamic website, which allows you to communicate with people much more interactively than on a company website.

8.Promote, advertise, and create events

To promote certain posts, send people to your website, or generate more visitors to your event, you can promote, advertise, and create events within Facebook.

Moreover, via Facebook business page, this is usually not too expensive (after all, you have control over where and how often your ad can be seen) and offers a variety of possibilities to reach your target audience as well as possible.

Targeted advertising

if you have just started a gym in New York, you will of course have control when users from the local region see this advertisement on their profile. Also, financially, Facebook is quite flexible; you can even adjust to this daily.

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