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Brand N Design understands the sentiments of every business needs and delivers a human-first SEO strategies. We know how effort extensive a SEO task can be and how every business is different from others. That’s why we provide the best SEO services keeping your brand aligned ensuring you are not burdened with its troubles. Our approach is driven by finding the right audience getting our clients the visibility among the search engines

Successful SEO is about partnering with Google to provide the best search result for Google's users.

Our SEO Services

Full SEO Audit

Our full SEO audit includes all the important aspects of site data from targeted keyword research, setting up Google Analytics, metadata descriptions, SEO audits, link building, and others.

Local Business Listing

We help business grow by helping them with Geo-tagging, creating the local listing on Google My Business and other websites to conversion tracking and optimization.

Google Analytics

By configuring the Google Analytics we help business get better insight on what's working and what's not on their website. Keeping track of the user behavior by deploying complex Tag managers.

Link Building

Link building is like driving the traffic from other popular websites to yours growing your business. It helps increasing the organic traffic delivering effective signals to Google about website authority.

On Page optimization

We help optimize the website for title, description, heading and content for better ranking of websites or Landing pages to drive relevant traffic through search engines.

Content Creation and Optimization

We help create an interesting blog section for better marketing and optimize the content for higher search ranking, better traffic and SEO centric link building for higher business profits.​

Social Media sharing

We help companies popularize their content for increase traffic through social sharing on various social media platforms and building a user base of followers.

Website Optimization

We help you optimize your website for Desktop as well as Mobile and Tablet devices for CTRs, thus making sure of smooth user experience and structure of website.

Ecommerce SEO

We help companies with products rank higher than their competitors, and display the right way so potential customers can find the products they need in the SERPs.

Conversion optimization

Through Conversion optimization we test the hypotheses of elements on the website with the ultimate goal of increasing the percentage of visitors who take the desired action.

Loading time optimization

Google rank website with quicker loading times and it effects the overall SEO of the website. We help companies optimize their website speed adding the overall score to their SEO.

Keyword research and Strategy

Keyword search strategy helps understand the target audience and how they search online. We help you chose the right keyword in order to increase the right website traffic to your website.

Digital Technologies We Use

KPIs we track for your business.

Considering the steep competition business needs a trustworthy SEO partner who can track the poor SEO of your website. Here are some of the KPIs metrics we keep track of so you get the expected result. 


While optimizing your website or blog to get more traffic, you would be interested to know from which part of the world does your audience come from. This will help the experts to target and optimize location-based keywords.

Sources are of two type. One platforms based (mobiles, tablets and desktop) and Two sources based on the impressions (search console, backlinks and social media). This will help us to optimize the SEO campaigns and increase ROIs by targeting the right channel and platform.

There can be certain pages on the website which attracts more traffic than the other pages. We can optimize these high-performing pages to direct the audience towards other related web pages by adding proper Call to Actions, showcasing offers, contact forms and many more.

Organic impressions is the key performance parameter as it defines the total number of times a user encounters a website link on the search engine. We can do this by working on the website meta description and meta keywords.

Have you ever wondered why users aren’t staying on your page – Bounce rate. We can help you fix this by understanding the structure of the Landing page, Irrelevant content, too many pop-ups and more.

This is the first and most important thing every SEO agency would focus on while doing out the website audit. Keyword used on the website define the search engine ranking of any website or business.

Backlinks work as a catalyst for any website’s SEO. It is an important factor to focus on as it enhances the website’s credibility score on search engines. It is important to note that backlinks should come from the credible sources.

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