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The 7 Best Digital Advertising Platforms to Get Results in 2021

Digital advertising is a rapidly evolving and highly competitive segment of the advertising industry. As a result, the average CMO must be highly proficient and highly strategic with their digital advertising capabilities.

Not only is digital advertising extremely competitive, but it is evolving in order to gain more exposure with clients. Advertising in the online space is far more accessible, which is a major reason why digital advertising is a preferred choice for entrepreneurs.

According to a recent survey, 82 percent of businesses who used digital advertising reported positive ROI. For the remaining 18 percent of businesses who used digital advertising, the results ranged from neutral to neutral to negative.

In other words, for most entrepreneurs, it is less important to rank as highly in search engine rankings as it is to get more exposure, which is why it makes sense to concentrate on platforms that will get you a big bang for your buck.

“Digital advertising is only as good as the placement of your ad, so which platforms best fit your business’ requirements?”.

These platforms allow you to leverage the largest audience reach in the business world. With so many people already online, there is no need to miss out on the customers who are using social media.

This audience represents a multi-million-strong audience that can be easily reached through some of the most popular platforms.

Here are the top 7 best digital advertising platforms you need to make the most of in the coming years:

1. Facebook

With more than 2.4 billion monthly users, Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform.

Also, Facebook’s recent performance shows that it will continue to find it a highly effective medium. Advertisers will find that Facebook is a wonderful platform. “This platform is viewed as the most trusted and by consumers who make purchasing decisions.

Advertisers therefore have the benefit of reaching people who are very influential in people’s purchasing decisions.”

According to Survey, nearly one-third of the U.S. population, more than 160 million people, access Facebook at least once a month. About four in 10 U.S. households own a Facebook account.

If there is one platform that will get results for your business, it is definitely Facebook.

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2. Twitter

More than 330 million active users currently use Twitter, and according to a survey, Twitter will continue to see rise in the monthly active users.

We believe it can produce a great return on investment, especially for small businesses looking to build awareness among consumers. “Twitter is not only great for media buy and video placement, but it also offers great opportunities for direct response.”

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is gaining popularity as a social media platform, and according to Activate, it has the potential to become the second most popular social media platform in the United States. The platform has 300 million active monthly users, half of whom come from outside of the United States.

People use the platform to discover products and services, and a small business can capitalize on this with a strong Pinterest presence. “If you have unique product or service to offer consumers, creating a Pinterest page is a great place to start,”.

4. LinkedIn

This digital network is now one of the world’s largest social networks with over 690 million active users, and LinkedIn is specifically appealing to B2B companies.

In fact, according to survey, a website that aggregates data from social media companies and other sources, LinkedIn’s market share of online sales is growing rapidly.

Advertisers using LinkedIn as a digital marketing platform have an advantage over the competition, as they can target individuals based on their professional interests.

“If you are a professional services company, a high profile in your industry, this platform is perfect for you,”. “Using LinkedIn as an effective means to advertise on social media is a great way to expand your reach and continue to grow your business.”

5. Google

Google’s goal is to provide an engaging experience for users. While it does have its flaws, such as its dependence on keyword-based advertising, Google has successfully maintained a steady user base of more than 2.1 billion people worldwide.

“As an effective marketing platform, it has the benefit of being supported by advertising revenue,”. “It is also very cost-effective and efficient for advertisers to use.”

6. Instagram

Instagram surpassed 1 billion monthly active users, according to survey. With Facebook on its heels with 1.3 billion users, Instagram seems to be taking its place as a top-notch social media platform, especially among younger demographics.

According to a new research, nearly half of American adults aged 18-29 use Instagram, which is the highest percentage of users of any social media platform.

Instagram can help a business with its branding efforts. It can produce visual proof of an organization’s name and product, increase brand awareness, and display how to’s and how-tos.

“If you’re a crafty company, you can take full advantage of the visual nature of Instagram,”. “It can also be a great place to target social media enthusiasts who want to expand their brand knowledge and/or engage in product discussions.”

7. Messenger

According to an independent survey, Messenger is on track to overtake both Facebook and Twitter in monthly active users.

This is excellent news for brands, as it provides a powerful marketing platform in which they can communicate with their target audience.

Small businesses can also use Messenger to target people from within their local area and tell them how their product or service can be of value to them.

“When used properly, Messenger is also very cost-effective for small businesses. Using promotional tools, such as Messenger Codes or coupon codes, are a good way to promote your business without spending a fortune on ads.