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5 SEO tips to boost sales and double your traffic in 2021

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Today most of the business is getting online, but the real problem with the business is they don’t know how to present them online. They don’t know how to get traffic for their business through Google or other social media platforms.

Numerous techniques are used through which companies can get some traction like regularly posting on social media, hashtags, networking, etc. But this strategy has its limitations and people always fail to achieve the motive of being online.

So today I am going to discuss about SEO tips to boost sales and techniques that are important for the companies and website and using this process, slowly and gradually every business can get the benefit.

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SEO [Search engine optimization]

Billions of people search Google every day to get answers or to know &learn about something.

And optimizing our website for these search queries can help us get quality traffic.

So let’s get started!

Ways to increase the traffic and get quality leads through SEO

  1. Always include industry-specific Keywords
  2. Write informative content
  3. Be mobile responsive
  4. On-page SEO
  5. Google My business

Let’s start discussing each point

  1. Always include industry-specific Keywords

Keywords are an important part and best SEO tips to boost sales and help rank websites on google. The search engine always tries to rank the website on Keywords and help the users with their search terms on the keyword they type in the search bar.

The selection of the keyword should be your industry oriented. For these you can use various tools and methods to accumulate your industry target keywords.

How you can find the Keywords?

  1. Google Keyword planner
  2. Paid tools like MOZ & SEMrush
  3. Spying on competitor website

There are other tools and methods through which you can know develop a sheet or a document containing important words. The Best method is to look for your competitor website and to learn about the keywords he is ranking for.

Using these techniques and utilizing these method would guarantee you ranking your website in a short time.

2. Write informative content

For example, if you are a product company, you would like to mention the challenges your product solves.

How it’s different from other competitors? Be specific about the functionalities and what motivated you to develop the product.

Through these points, you can not only promote the information about your product but also can rank for the product. Also, you can use these content to get extra traffic by publishing it to your company social media account.

The point mention here can be for any industry domain with a slight adjustment to specific information

3. Be mobile responsive

Responsive design

What does this mean?

The answer is simple – Optimize your website for a mobile screen.

Why is it important?

According to the survey, almost 75% of the world population would be using mobile to search the product by 2025.

Keeping this in mind in 2016 Google made changes to its algorithm and ranks the website on the mobile responsiveness thus boosting the traffic.

If you are a WordPress user then this might be easy for you as there are already templates available with the responsive design.

4. On-page SEO

This is a technique of optimizing the web pages for organic traffic and improving a website’s search engine ranking.

Why on-page SEO is used?

The simple answer to this question is that the customer visiting your website should stay on the site for a longer time. This gives Google a signal that your website has an authority on the subject mentioned.

Exact steps for on-page SEO

Create descriptive title tags

Writing keyword optimize alternative text for images used on the website

Optimizing heading with relevant descriptions

Internal linking of the URL within the website

Paying attention to these areas will help improve content, authority, and increase lead conversions.

5. Google My business

Google My Business

Google my business account helps you show up on the search result and it’s free and affordable tools for small and big businesses.

Creating Google business account helps improve local SEO and ensures you get on top of the search results. Using these tools also helps you with the analytics, allowing you to understand your organic and paid strategies.

Information like contact information and business hours need to be submitted. Also, you can share the latest news about your business-like service expansion, temporarily closed, or fully functional.